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Image by Noorulabdeen Ahmad

About Us

Priggish was created out of hope, from pain.  It is for the lonely; the forgotten, the insecure, the weary, the hopeless, the overwhelmed; the lost; the overlooked; the broken.  In Webster’s terms, Priggish means self-righteously moralistic and superior.  This is exactly what those in pain should strive to feel to overcome.  To be Priggish is to find solace in God and what He says you are in his Kingdom.  You are a god.  You are a healer. You are a creator.  You are POWERFUL.  Hold yourself to the highest esteem in Grace.  Don’t let anyone say you are insignificant.  We are kicked when we are down. We are overlooked when we are sad and worn.  You are never alone. Stay faithful in confidence. Be Passionate. Be Phenomenal. Be Priggish.

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